1. Some evening homework on a proposal for prospective clients. That glass of Elmer T. Lee bourbon makes the number crunching a bit more palatable. #woodworking #bourbon (at Crafted)

  2. This sideboard is just about done; just some last minute prettying up. It’s beer time (never mind that the beer inside said sideboard is already halfway gone). #woodworking #furniture #beertime (at Crafted)

  3. The blue tape trick has completely salvaged my heretofore very pedestrian dovetail game. That Gramercy dovetail saw also has something to do with it. #woodworking (at Crafted)

  4. Lots of mortising today…is there any other tool with as menacing yet entirely appropriate nickname as a mortise chisel, aka pigsticker? #woodworking #furniture #Crafted (at Crafted)

  5. New commission means a trip to the lumber yard. 50+ feet of lumber and some Baltic Birch ply. #woodworking #furniture (at Crafted, LLC)

  6. Aww man, today is a good day. Let the tailgating commence! #mizzoufootball #mizzou

  7. Finally there’s this guy. Just your average bison/buffalo taking a stroll down the road, completely oblivious to the hoards of gawkers driving by and taking pictures (like me). #yellowstone

  8. #yellowstone is a weird place. There’s natural beauty like the canyons, mountains and abundant wildlife. And then there’s things like these; geothermal features that make you feel you’re no longer on Earth.

  9. Back in #CoMo after four days camping in #yellowstone. Words like ‘amazing’ &’awesome’ are thrown about too frequently but are 100% accurate when describing this park. This is the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. 1000’ down at its deepest.

  10. Sofa table top veneered, planed, and now the first coat of oil. Is there anything better in furniture making than that first application of finish? Makes the whole project come to life.